SOAR® runs national awareness, education and prevention programs to empower survivors of sexual violence and transform the public’s understanding and acceptance of rape victims.

What else Does SOAR Do?

  • Hosts Operation Freefall: The Two-Mile High Stand Against Sexual Assault® each year to increase awareness and raise funds.
  • Hosts SOAR SPA® (Something Positive Afterward®) to offer survivors and their loved ones an opportunity for healing and bonding.
  • Hosts Living Out Loud™, which is an improv workshop to assist survivors in reclaiming their laughter.
  • Manages Don’t Skirt The Issue™, a clothing line with a purpose.
  • Provides presentations on rape awareness, focusing on the healing process.
  • Educates groups who work with sexual assault victims (such as law enforcement, medical professionals, mental health workers, and advocates) on victim sensitivity and related issues.
  • Provides survivors and their families and friends with referrals for counseling, medical assistance, victims’ rights information, legal assistance, advocacy, etc.
  • Works to improve the response system for victims by collaborating with local, state, and federal agencies on public policy.
  • Advocates for the advancement of DNA technology and the reduction of the rape-kit backlog, to promote accuracy and success in the prosecution of rapists.
  • Provides the media with information and tools to discuss sexual assault in productive and positive ways.